Friday, 12 November 2010

Marketing Tip: Pillar Content

Sometimes it takes new technology to re-discover old truths. One of these truths is that for all media people are drawn towards quality content that internet marketers now call 'pillar content'. Such is the extent to which quality drives popularity that many websites thrive not through artificial link building but from popular momentum generated by free links, bookmarks, Facebook thumbs up and so on.

Basically if you add value you get more interest. When selling something it is only a successful ploy to wave a price tag under someone's eyes if they have already decided to buy. People who type 'buy adidas trainers' into google are more than 60% of the time going to do just that online. The conclusion being that being number one in for 'buy adidas trainers' allows you to just place a big picture and a link on your page and you have a sale.

From the marketers viewpoint most buyers are still in the uncommitted stage. They are turned off by adverts but turned on by information. This is why free maps with advertising down the side is a successful marketing ploy: it is pilllar content and promotion.

This is the key - pillar content and promotion. So if you are trying to sell a Thai villa or other property then you need a website that offers good information about the surrounding area, visa regulations, weather etc. This specific information by itself will generate traffic.

For a brochure, it is sometimes a good idea to include some value in the printed media to make people hold onto it. That is the thinking behind coupons in magazines and newspapers. Again a map or a timetable or a list of useful telephone numbers and websites gives the brochure an element of pillar content that makes it a better promotional tool.

In short, it is about going the extra mile and not being totally in the face of the customer that ideas of buying can take seed and maybe go from thought to reality. And then you have a sale. That's when you want to be up there for 'buy adidas trainers'.

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