Friday, 2 July 2010

Energy Saving Tips

With every year that passes laws around the world are enforcing tighter regulations concerning carbon emissions and energy saving measures. It is only by adopting green building practices and green interior design ideas that governments around the world can meet their targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Bearing this in mind, it stands to reason that those villas in Thailand that have a better green profile are the villas that in the future are going to be the easiest to sell. Not only do people want environmentally friendly products but also governments are making 'green' a legal necessity.

Bearing this in mind, here is a list of energy saving and 'green' measures that are relevant to properties in Thailand:

  • Heat is a major factor in Thailand. Anything that can reduce the reliance on air-conditioners is a good idea. For example, installing window awnings over east facing windows to reduce direct sunlight. Planting trees by south facing windows to create natural shade. Using ceiling fans rather than air-con. Allowing natural ventilation through a living space by opening windows.
  • Installing uPVC window frames to reduce thermal gain.
  • Buying glass with a low-e coating to also reduce thermal gain.
  • Installing photovoltaic systems (solar panels) to produce clean, carbon free, alternative energy.
  • Collecting rain water by attaching rainwater bins to drains. This rain water can be used to water the garden.
  • Planting a garden that is less dependent on regular watering.
  • Providing a composter to turn food waste into organic fertilizer for the garden.
  • Installing a programmable thermostat that can accurately regulate the indoor temperature and cut down on cooling costs when you are not at home.
  • Using recycled wood or wood from sustainably managed forests.
  • Buying furniture made from quickly renewing resources such as rattan, water hyacinth and bamboo.

These are just some of the measures that can be taken to make a property in Thailand more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. A villa in Thailand that tenants and prospective buyers will need to spend less on cooling is a more attractive property to purchase or rent.

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