Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Writing Articles to Promote Your Property Website

It can be very frustrating having a website that is designed to sell your property or rent your property in Thailand. It is often the case that your website will be difficult to find by potential customers because you are competing with real estate agents and developers in Thailand for the same keywords. It is very hard to get on the first page of google or yahoo! for keywords such as 'property', 'real estate' , 'villa rental' or 'Thailand'. You are competing against CBR Ellis, Raimon Land, Siam Properties, Soho Properties and Viviun.com to name but a few. All the best domain names will already be gone - anything with 'Thailand' and 'property' in the domain address will have been snapped up long ago.

Instead it is a smarter move to try and focus on other keywords. For instance, the name of the resort or beach near your property. Or the name of the island or town where your property is located. There will be a lot more availability. Maybe the .com address is gone but perhaps the .net is available. If so buy it and slightly tweak your site and put it up again. That is the first step. The next is to get some good links to the site.

The best way to get the best links to a site is to write quality content on a magazine style site that has a big readership. Write articles about the beach, good restaurants in the area, funny or unusual things that happened to you in Thailand; write about festivals and food, about language and culture. The possibilities are nearly endless. In each article make sure to put links into the text. The anchor text, as it is called should be one of your keywords. For example, Thong Nai Pan  has both 5 star hotels and cheap bungalows to stay in. This example has got the name of the beach, 'hotel' 'cheap' and 'bungalow' all in the anchor text. You will have to carefully read the editorial guidelines for article submission for each magazine site but it gives you an idea of what an effective link should be. Don't just put the web address at the end of a piece. Rather the link should be integral to the context of the article and in the body of the article. But don't get link greedy: often you are confined to just one or two links per article.

As you write more articles make sure you link between your articles on the same site. This is usually encouraged and will further boost your search engine rankings for each of the interlinked articles. For example: as I mentioned in my previous article on website promotion it is a good idea to get a blogger and wordpress account. Here I have used words from the title of a previous post to link back to that previous post. The more internal links in a website the more search engine friendly the site becomes (this is one of the reasons why wikipedia comes out on top for some many different searches).

Here's a list of magazine sites to write articles on. They are all free, and they all allow 'self-serving' links. As I said before, read the editorial guidelines carefully before making your first submission.

1) http://ezinearticles.com/ This website has really good exposure. They are very fussy about spelling and links so follow the rules. 

2)  www.yousaytoo.com. This blogging site lets you add pictures, make friends and gives you a share of the adsense revenue you generate for them. So get an adsense account. To get an adsense account you need to have an email address associated with a website. So for example info@backpackinargentina.com is good, backpackinargentina@gmail.com is bad.

3) http://posturown.com/ This uses the wordpress interface. It takes a bit of time to work out but doesn't use any coding. To register you have to fill out the form then send them a separate email asking for an account. It's irritating but designed to stop bots I guess.

4) www.hubpages.com lets you post automatically without having to submit and wait for acceptance. It is a good blogging site that is easy to use. You can add pictures, video and link widgets. They also share adsense money with you and help you get affiliate links with amazon.com and ebay.com

5) www.infobarrel.com Is another good blogging site. They share adsense and amazon money with you. The articles from infobarrel do well in search engines and give good linking juice to your website.

6) http://writingmafia.com This is very similar to postyourown.com in the sense that it uses the same wordpress interface.

Remember to set up a new email address to handle all the new mails you'll be receiving. Also you can write nearly the same article several times using different wording. If you publish the same  exact article you won't get in trouble but google might down-rank the article as a duplicate - this  is all open to debate at the moment.

Finally, to give your blogs an extra boost don't forget to digg them, facebook them and twitter them.

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